Series 3 Aluminium Roller Shutter is specifically created for the largest openings such as Shopping Centres for example and available with standard slots, wideview slots or multi – hole perforations.


Perfect for Shop Fronts, Club and Hotel Bars, Counter Tops, Kiosks, Arcades, Serveries and Doorways.


Size Single Series III shutters can be manufactured up to a width of 9.0M wide x 4.0M high. Larger openings can be fitted with multiple doors with a combination of standard or corner mullions.


Shutters can be electrically motorised and then operated with various remote control or key switch. Single and 3 phase motors are available.


Clear anodised is the standard, whilst Dulux powder coat range is available as an optional extra.


A 12 month warranty against defective materials and workmanship applies.