Clearglide is a most versatile door and wall system free from mullions and restrictive pillars, providing the ultimate in practical side folding doors. Open your business to passing trade and enjoy the freedom to provided a contemporary al fresco atmosphere or easily partition large areas within your building to create several rooms that can be easily opened or closed.


Shopping Centres, Shop Fronts, Club and Hotel Bars, Counter Tops, Kiosks, Arcades, Serveries and Doorways


Clearglide is available in standard width panels to provide versatility in shopfront design


All folding closures are manual operation, and can be operated with ease by even the most diminutive staff. The closure is designed so that all modes of operation and locking with user standing entry. Doors are either Centre Stack or Parallel Stack.


Clear anodised is a standard, whilst Dulux powder coated range is available as an optional extra.


A 12 month warranty against a defective materials and workmanship applies.